Stop Whining and do Something

I’ve been reading article after article on how screwed up the ministers are for extorting money from the people and not listening to your opinions and seriously, I’m sick of it.

There is a reason they don’t care about all your whining. Its the very simple fact that they don’t have to because honestly, what are you going to do about it? You vote them back and give them power every time they screw you over, yes, that’s you, the pap bitch.

Yes I know I’ll get lots of flak for this but the truth hurts. Its time to take a long hard look at ourselves and ask ourselves why we are where we are. This is not the first time we have been screwed over but why are they in power?

Why can they censor what we read and say, pay themselves obscene salaries after raising taxes, throw our men into slavery (yes conscription ablbeit in the guise of its euphamism NS, is slavery,ask the great economist Milton Friedman),  misappropriate our money ( Bet you didn’t know CPF is a good way to get money to finance short to medium term needs with low interest) and brainwash our children with history textbooks skewed to their side and yet stay in power(yes I bet all communists were evil people trying to kill us all)? Because we voted them back, election after election. Yes, that’s our responsibility, so stop whining.

The fact is, even if this is a Potemkin democracy, we have little excuse to sit on our butts and whine and do nothing else. Its no wonder they have no respect for Singaporeans. I have little respect for Singaporeans after seeing such behaviour.

So if you still feel anything for Singapore, please educate those around you about the role of the government(eg. not ripping its people off) and do something about it. Whining will not help.

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5 Comments on “Stop Whining and do Something”

  1. concerned citizen Says:

    Well, to look at it on both sides – it can be called whining, or it can be called a discussion.

    Truth is, given the government’s stand towards political activities, we cannot do anything other than whine/discuss. There is a climate of fear here, so much so that many concerned citizens who have no political agenda are also afraid of posting their opinions online non-anonymously, for fear of being labelled as anti-establishment and being blacklisted.

    To blog/whine about such issues is also to educate people around us, who will read our articles and (hopefully) become more aware of the situation surrounding us.

  2. gecko Says:

    CI, don’t get too upset. Ponder instead upon the majority who voted them in — Why do they continue to do so? There are specific reasons they cast their ballot for the ruling party every election. Understanding why and how they continue to do so is important for infering what will happen in the next GE, and where you want to be by then.

  3. szez Says:

    concerned Citizen:
    It’s called whining because despite all these “discussions” nothing’s changed. The climate of fear exists because Singapore has bred a nation of frustrated & angry but apathetic & gutless people who seriously need to grow some balls.
    I’ve got a foreign friend criticizing Singaporeans in public, about their government, about your so-called idiocyncrasies, on a crowded bus / mrt, no less. But does he get slammed or punched or any patriotic verbal lashing? Nothing. He just got STARED at. I wanta laugh my ass off. He wasn’t even glared at. He was stared at, like “hey how come this ang moh is so daring to criticize about our gahmen like that huh?”
    You’ve got it in you, everyone of you. Use it. Use your vote to speak up for yourself in the next election. THEN you’ll see change.
    But of course that can never happen because your “gahmen” has already prepared to screw you over if you dare not support them.

    Just to sidetrack a bit, is it true that your voting slip for the elections get sent to your mailbox? I have this memory of my Singaporean uncle receiving a letter of thanks from the PAP after he voted for them one year. hmm.

  4. Preacher Says:

    its about time that a singaporean has the balls enough to come and say this ….
    i am that “ang moh”which szez commented about ( a term which i find racist ..but thats another issue)

    “Truth is, given the government’s stand towards political activities, we cannot do anything other
    than whine/discuss. There is a climate of fear here, so much so that many concerned citizens who
    have no political agenda are also afraid of posting their opinions online non-anonymously, for fear
    of being labelled as anti-establishment and being blacklisted.”

    and this is the point ppl r stressing – u have no balls …. attitudes like urs proves every point ….
    the government has confiscated all the balls in the country so they can grow rich and live frivolous
    lives …while the common man has to work his life away so he can hopefully pay off his hdb ..his car…
    his kids education ….
    they increases taxes … and wat benefits do u really see ??
    they drop tax on beer ! but have u seen a price drop i dont think so ….

    its bad enough they brainwash u all in schools … but dont you think as a grown adult that you can
    figure some things out for yourself ….
    oh yeah thats right thats why you have NS …. and reservice for the nxt well at least 20-30yrs of ur life
    a refresher in brainwashing is wat it is ….. to make u believe wat the govt is doing is right …
    after that ppl are either so convinced with the system or have just given up hope….

    have u noticed the scandals that come up during elections… yeah everywhere has them but they’re oh so
    one-sided …..
    the govt destroys any opposition that could b a threat so there’s no chance of a challenge …..
    they bankrupt any one who dares stand against them … now is that right ??
    at least those ppl have the balls to stand up against the establishment ….
    not like most of u who cry online and dont do anything about it ….

    and if questioned i bet u voted for PAP …..
    so who are the fucking idiots ….

    do u think the govt has the power to do that to 10 thousand of u at once ?? 100 thousand ?? 1 million ??
    wow so scared of being labelled badly …. but u like to be labelled things as “cool” “succesful” “high flyer” “popular’
    the list can go on … but when it comes to a time for u stand up and count … for the benefit of urself
    ur children and their children … u dont … hide in ur hdb’s hoping the govt will never find out whos writing
    wat online ….
    juz a bunch of scared ball-less lil hypocrites .. thats all ….

  5. blokeman Says:

    I said the very same thing when mr brown got fired from Today for writing that sarcastic article.

    Singaporeans need to grow up and realise that the buck stops with us. We need to accept responsibility for who we vote and not just take it up the ass everytime the gahmen does something we disapprove of and vote for them again come the next election.

    Don’t come to me complaining about the gahmen, you had your chance to vote

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