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Stop Whining and do Something

24 April, 2007

I’ve been reading article after article on how screwed up the ministers are for extorting money from the people and not listening to your opinions and seriously, I’m sick of it.

There is a reason they don’t care about all your whining. Its the very simple fact that they don’t have to because honestly, what are you going to do about it? You vote them back and give them power every time they screw you over, yes, that’s you, the pap bitch.

Yes I know I’ll get lots of flak for this but the truth hurts. Its time to take a long hard look at ourselves and ask ourselves why we are where we are. This is not the first time we have been screwed over but why are they in power?

Why can they censor what we read and say, pay themselves obscene salaries after raising taxes, throw our men into slavery (yes conscription ablbeit in the guise of its euphamism NS, is slavery,ask the great economist Milton Friedman),  misappropriate our money ( Bet you didn’t know CPF is a good way to get money to finance short to medium term needs with low interest) and brainwash our children with history textbooks skewed to their side and yet stay in power(yes I bet all communists were evil people trying to kill us all)? Because we voted them back, election after election. Yes, that’s our responsibility, so stop whining.

The fact is, even if this is a Potemkin democracy, we have little excuse to sit on our butts and whine and do nothing else. Its no wonder they have no respect for Singaporeans. I have little respect for Singaporeans after seeing such behaviour.

So if you still feel anything for Singapore, please educate those around you about the role of the government(eg. not ripping its people off) and do something about it. Whining will not help.