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State of the Propaganda Machine

1 October, 2006

I know just how sick most of you must be of me writing about the state of the media in Singapore but the Singapore Press Holdings has been generating more news than what it is allowed to report after all that censorship. Throughout the past week, I’ve read article after article of how they plan to control every single thing that Singaporeans have access to. They either throw money at them and buy them over like Hardware Zone, or they get them banned for reporting news, which of course they can’t, like FEER. And in a spectacular display of stupdity, they have turned against one of their own, the National Arts Council. I wonder what they are going to do next.

Time and time again, I have written about how stupid it is to try to shut your critics up by banning them. Most of the criticism is due to them trying to shut people up and the best way for the critics to prove their point is to get themselves banned. Duh. Ah well, that has proved be beyond the reach of the puny minds of the government cronies. The fact is that they seemed not to have learnt their lesson after the IMF meeting earlier when they were forced to back down on their stand against protesters. While they can oppress the 4 million people who stay here, they will not be able to control the whole world. Meanwhile, they are wondering why expatriate Singaporeans, who they say are assets to the country, are unwilling to return. Once again, Duh.

Anyway they decided to pay millions of dollars to buy an online forum, months after they tried to set up their own. This seems to be a tacit admission of failure. Well actually it screams to me that STOMP sucked, big time. Consider this, STOMP had a large advertising budget. Hardware Zone did not. While Hardware Zone moved a few years earlier online, Straits Times had a presence decades before it. There is a reason why Hardware Zone succeeded and STOMP failed. No one goes online to be brainwashed. Having SPH control what is supposed to be an independent forum means that people will have doubts about being watched and feel dirty for collaborating with them. Sure there will still be gossip mongers there and it is true that there is not much political talk that could be censored there. But think about it, would you prefer using a forum controlled by SPH or one that is not?

Their latest move against their own comrades at the National Arts Council has been the most spectacular and arguably most successful move of the suicidal monkeys in charge at SPH. For some reason, the editors at the Straits Times have released an article criticising the Arts Council, who have for some reason, bothered to respond. I wonder if they know that no one really takes the Straits Times seriously anymore. Then again, I’m not really sure if I should take the Arts Council seriously.

Anyway, I’m tired of writing. What I see now is that Singapore’s propaganda machine is falling apart and the apparatchik controlling them are trying in vain to hold it up. I can scarcely contain my glee as it the machine comes tumbling down. For Liberty!