Straits Times on the News Again

The Straits Times has managed to get itself on the news again. The recent cases where they labelled thousands of schoolgirls in Singapore as “easy” and insisted on revealing the retirement of the CEO of some government linked organisation makes it seem like they have nothing left to write about and are making news up.

You can argue that’s all the Straits Times have been doing but they usually make things up at the request of the government, not against their paymasters. These two incidents seem to suggest that things are changing there.

Maybe it’s because they are losing readers and have no good writers anymore. The solution to this, to report the truth and keep the increasingly well-educated readers and journalists with souls, is blindingly obvious but obviously could not be done with their current masters. Since the last time they raked in money was from a lawsuit, they seem to think that libel was the way to sell newspapers. Pardon me when I say this because I seriously doubt that the courts would actually allow anyone to suggest that Singapore’s ministries run schools that turn girls into whores, even if, and I do not think this is the case, that it is true. We all know how the legal system here works. The editor would probably burn in hell for the balsphemous statements about Catholic schools but then again he’s probably headed for it anyway.

If that was misguided, the other step they chose was simply stupid. First off, I seriously do not think anyone would care about the CEO whose name I can’t remember wanting to retire. Going against the wishes of a CEO who blogs to write about something no one really cares about, is plain stupid. That’s how you tell the whole world about your lack of journalistic integrity and get nothing out of it. The issue on IJ girls might have attracted some readers but the only news here is about Straits Times. It screams to me saying Straits Times has no news left to write about because all the real and interesting stuff has been censored. Seriously, is 2 weeks too long to wait?

If the Straits times wants to keep its readers it has to wake up and smell the broadband connection. Without giving accurate news and good analysis, they would just send their readers to bloggers. Surely that’s not how you are going to brainwash future generations now is it?

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7 Comments on “Straits Times on the News Again”

  1. FYE Says:

    the nature of the papers reflect the general nature of a type of people hired to do the job. an outcome of a confuse repressive or suppressive society?

  2. […] As proven yet again (think recent IJ ‘girls are easy’ furore), the Straits Times journalists and editors really need to get their act together. Your press is slowly but surely sinking to zero credibility with each faux pas you make. […]

  3. stjournalist Says:

    haha have to agree with you on the obscurity of the ceo… frankly, think he’s getting more mileage out of his retirement by criticising the straits times on his blog. perhaps he felt wounded that he coldn’t get the paper to do his bidding? however, i guess some business people “waves hand vaguely in general direction of shenton way” might be interested in the news.

    re keeping readers by controversy: well, whatever keeps you in the news, right? though just being a journalist, i can’t comment on the paper’s marketing strategy. you’ll have to ask the marketing department.

  4. FYE : Yes, The Straits Times shows the character of the people hired to do the job all to well. It’s a sad place to have this kind of behavior taking place though.

    STJournalist : I tried to comment on your blog but I don’t have a blogger account so I hope you can read this here. I hope you don’t have to put up with those people at ST for too much longer, hope your bond expires soon.

    By the way, you are right about information affecting the share price, although I doubt that his retirement will cause negative effects on the share price of the company. After all, he can’t even manage to keep his own secrets.

  5. gecko Says:

    STJournalist: TKL has been on the blogdar infrequently since he started his blog. I don’t suppose he would feel wounded – he’d rather the press embargo the release so that he could announce it personally. He’d rather work with the press then work against it, no?

    It is your editors who need to ‘wake up their idea’.

    It is not the fault of budding journalists who write bad articles, but the responsibility of experienced editors to mentor you and your peers into writing better articles which come across with honesty, even if that honesty is pro-establishment. The quality of news reportage in ST for local news has literally gone down the drain over the last two decades.

    Why has the quality gone down? We all know the reason, don’t we?

  6. Dear Readers, the links to Gecko’s post on this is here and the link to STJournalist’s post is here

  7. zynfandel Says:

    uh i’ve probably already commented too much on this topic, but i’d like to point out, for the record, that tan kin lian is actually not an obscure ceo whose retirement would only be of interest to a handful of people. a LOT of people have insurance plans with ntuc income – ask your parents or relatives; i assume most of you are relatively young, since you’re radical bloggers and all :p – and many of those, especially in the older generation, know tan kin lian by name. he’s almost synonymous with ntuc income, as i’ve pointed out elsewhere, and he has such a high profile that people bank ntuc’s reputation on his reliability and candidness. for an insurance company, that kind of brand name is indispensable. and this is why tan kin lian’s sudden retirement merited front page coverage in the newspapers. it wasn’t a dry news day; this really is big news.

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