I’m Back!

The Capitalist Infidel apologises for his long absence from this blog. Do not worry my fellow Infidels, for The Capitalist Infidel is alive and well and safe from the Right Wingers plotting against me.

In fact, The Capitalist Infidel has been pretty safe the past week, away at an Orientation Camp in a local university, which is where he learnt what has been holding international politics up for the past millenia. If the organisers of the camp are to be believed, the best way to get people to get together is to have them chant silly jingles, make mascots and posters, and roll about in the mud together. All this was done in a bid to bring the people closer together. How all this would make me feel greater bond with the people who made me roll in the mud in the first place still remains to be seen.

But they must be on to something with the mascot and poster making part, because the rest of the university has to been doing the exact same thing. Now we know what’s going wrong with the world. When was the last time the United Nations did something useful? The same time it last made a mascot. Never.  And if only we could get the Israeli Defence Force, hamas and Hizbullah to design a peace poster for the Middle East, the Holy Land wouldn’t need to be so bloody. See, the international community are all doing the wrong things.

Argh! I’m sorry, I just needed to rant a bit after I spent my last week discovering what I don’t like. The Capitalist Infidel will be back shortly with much higher quality posts. Right now, he just needs to sleep.

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One Comment on “I’m Back!”

  1. szez Says:

    Most people I know skip the orientation because of their infamous stunts in the hopes of bonding freshies. Neway, I caught “The Beat My Heart Skipped” at Cathay today. Can’t say it’s fantastic, but it’s not too bad either, maybe because it captures the frustration & struggles of a budding concert pianist. I can relate to the piano part.

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