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The Continued Terrorist Attacks

11 August, 2006

United Kingdom Airports had their security levels raised to the highest level yesterday as the police foiled an attempted terrorist plot to blow planes up in mid air. This resulted in many travellers being allowed only to bring their most personal belongings on their flights, things like their passports and credit cards, all of which had to be carried in transparent plastic bags. Contact lens cases were allowed but not with any solution in them. Spectacle cases were not allowed.

Such measures really surprised The Capitalist Infidel. It also made me thankful that I wasn’t at Heathrow then. I would have hated to dump all my luggage just to get on a plane. This attack reminds us just how close we are to this war on terror, which is not just fought on front lines but historically safer places, like state capitals or other major, supposedly civilian cities.

This is right after the Israeli Security Cabinet voted to extend the operations in Lebanon, to flush Hizbollah, which has been raining rockets on Israeli cities, out of range of those cities. Meanwhile, the Western world has been trying to resolve the conflict in the UN, which is surely what the Lebanese people and apparently what the Lebanese government wants. So this attack, which would toughen the stand of the Western world to the situation in the Middle East, means that the terrorist network is very fragmented or Hizbollah wants to continue fighting.

Neither of these are unlikely. Terrorist cells take a very long time to plan operations, especially one of this scale and the timing of the attack could may be just a coincidence. Hizbollah may still be involved of course. The initial attacks on Israel were premediated and they had time to get things ready. The fact that they were caught may also mean that the cell was not ready for action and was rushed into the act to throw a spanner in the UN Security Council works. They have good reason to do this. After more than a month of Israeli attacks, they are still able to fire more than a hundred attacks into Israel every day. They have the military capacity to continue the operation and they may not be ready to stop.

But whatever it is, plot has reminded The Capitalist Infidel just how close we are to the danger and how it can affect our everyday lives at any time. The Capitalist Infidel fully sympathises with the Israeli sentiment that tough wars need to be fought against these terrorists. Israel are willing to risk the lives of their soldiers to wipe Hizbollah out. The Capitalist Infidel feels their pain and their desire for security.


I’m Back!

9 August, 2006

The Capitalist Infidel apologises for his long absence from this blog. Do not worry my fellow Infidels, for The Capitalist Infidel is alive and well and safe from the Right Wingers plotting against me.

In fact, The Capitalist Infidel has been pretty safe the past week, away at an Orientation Camp in a local university, which is where he learnt what has been holding international politics up for the past millenia. If the organisers of the camp are to be believed, the best way to get people to get together is to have them chant silly jingles, make mascots and posters, and roll about in the mud together. All this was done in a bid to bring the people closer together. How all this would make me feel greater bond with the people who made me roll in the mud in the first place still remains to be seen.

But they must be on to something with the mascot and poster making part, because the rest of the university has to been doing the exact same thing. Now we know what’s going wrong with the world. When was the last time the United Nations did something useful? The same time it last made a mascot. Never.  And if only we could get the Israeli Defence Force, hamas and Hizbullah to design a peace poster for the Middle East, the Holy Land wouldn’t need to be so bloody. See, the international community are all doing the wrong things.

Argh! I’m sorry, I just needed to rant a bit after I spent my last week discovering what I don’t like. The Capitalist Infidel will be back shortly with much higher quality posts. Right now, he just needs to sleep.